Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's a GIRL!!!!

Elizabeth Anne Kinghorn was born today, May 28, 2008, at 11:12 AM. She was 5 lbs 15 oz and 19 inches long. Ellie, mommy and dad are all doing fine.


New Baby Update

We finally have an update! Last Wednesday we went into the hospital with a false alarm. Leah had been having contractions 7 minutes apart for over an hour so we went to the birthing center. We had a very friendly nurse, Tammy, who broke the bad news that Leah wasn't dilated at all. Our doctor wasn't on call and the other doctor had us walk around the birthing center for an hour before Leah was sent home. We went to the doctor the next day and Dr. Hoekstra said she was just dilated a fingertip and set up an appointment for the following Thursday. This weekend we've been walking a lot and doing whatever else we could do to get the baby to come.

Tuesday we walked to the store to get some hot fudge for sundaes and came home. We had some frozen pizzas for dinner and I went to the young men activity at the church. When I got home it didn't seem like anything was going to happen tonight. However, around 1 AM Leah started having some pretty intense contractions fairly close together. I started recording them at 1:35 and she had 10 of them in the next hour. She called Dr. Hoekstra who said we should probably come into the hospital to have her checked out.

So we got Lexi up and called Val and Jim to let them know we'd be bringing her over shortly. Leah had Lexi go potty and was helping her get dressed in the bathroom. As she was leaning over to tie Lexi's shoes, Leah's water broke. We got Lexi to her grandparents' house and hurried to the hospital. Tammy was here again tonight and she brought us into the triage room to double check everything. She confirmed that Leah's water had broken and that she was dilated to about 2 cm, so they admitted us.

Now we wait! More to come when the little one decides to to join the Kinghorn clan here in Cereal City.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Baby Update

Brian and I went to the doctor's on Friday morning. I gained one pound in one week. My blood pressure is really good. I have not dilated at all. We went over our birth plan. I think that is all. Now we just wait. My mom is coming to stay with us for a little while. I am hoping that the baby comes before her due date and before Memorial weekend. So that we can have some fun. The doctor says that I will know what it is like to go full term. Well...technically I am full term. So I am ready any day now. Brian says that the baby needs to wait until after Tuesday.

We are having a baby name guessing contest. We would like to see who can guess the name that we picked out. We have had it picked out for months and it has been hard to keep it a secret but it has been a fun game between Brian and me on almost catching each other saying it. So leave your guess and we will keep track. There is a prize for the winner.