Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Oh What a Joy It Is...

Brian and I took the kids out to see a house that had their lights choreographed to music. As we turned onto the street, Alexis said that she had to throw up. I asked her if she really did and she said no. Not a moment later she had done what exactly she said she had to do. Brian was grossed out from watching her in the rear view mirror. He pulled the car over so I could see the damage and to take care of Alexis. When we got out Brian started to gag from the smell. I started laughing because he was having such difficulty helping. Then Brian threw up a little and I laughed harder and ended up losing control of my bladder just a little. Poor Alexis was sitting in the back of the van covered, Brian was on the curb unable to help himself and I was standing there laughing in the freezing cold wetting myself. (I am okay with myself to share that).

The situation was too funny not to share.

We went to the house and watched the lights for a little and then we drove home with the windows down because we could not stand the smell anymore. Anyways, all is well. Parenthood is great!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve lava flowing into ocean

We spent Christmas Eve in Volcanoes National Park and watching lava flow into the ocean just out of the park. It was a bit unconventional but we hope you all enjoy our version of Christmas lights.