Saturday, June 26, 2010

Single Photo Saturday

Reflecting river side.

Yummy Goodness...

I am going to make Cinnamon Baked French Toast courtesy of The Pioneer Woman for breakfast tomorrow morning for my parents. I love this stuff and I didn't want to make it alone while Brian was away because it would be a very bad thing for me to eat all by my lonesome. I mean the kids can only eat so much.

I am going to make two batches for when I visit my In-laws so that there will be enough to go around. I will doubly be in Heaven then.

This is an extreme close up shot of the last time I made this because it was three quarters of the way gone before I remembered to take the picture. Darn. Maybe next time.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mikey and GG Doty

Chillin' with Great Grandpa Doty.

Wipe that sweat off your brow

Yesterday I drove to Iowa alone with the kids. For the most part it was smooth until we got closer to Iowa. My Mom called and told me that I was headed for bad weather but at the moment I had blue skies and sunshine. Then the closer I got the darker it got and then it was worse before it was bad. I couldn't see the truck in front of me or the road. I prayed out loud for safety. Eventually I pulled over. Then all was well but I was shaking. The picture is of the sky after we got out of the rain.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Another giveaway...

This one is for a silhouette. The giveaway is over at Tatertots and Jello. Check it out. If you win, you have to share with me.

Monday, June 21, 2010

What I am Working On

This is what I am currently working on. They are crayon caddies or rolls. I haven't decided what to call them yet, but they are fun. They hold sixteen crayons. I loved having a special carrying case for my crayons when I was younger. Organizing the colors is always fun. How much would you charge for these?


Dreaming of a new sewing machine. I think this is the one I will get when I earn enough money from my new business. It will count as a business expense.

One day, some day soon.
We spent Father's Day up in Belding with my Grandpa Rackham. After church we went to my Uncle Aaron's campsite for lunch. We were lucky to have Aunt Roxanne and Uncle Tim in town.

It was a nice day but I really missed this guy.

(His eyes twinkle and make me giddy...sigh)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Somebody misses Daddy...

Ellie went in and layed on Brian's pillow yesterday. We miss him but are grateful he has this opportunity to work.

We LOVE you!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Father's Day

I am so grateful for all of the Father's in my life. 

I love my Dad very much and I am grateful for the example he set for me and the love and support he has always given. I appreciate his forgiveness. I love that he is creative, thoughtful and humorous. I love that he loves my Mom. He is an awesome example to his children. I am grateful that he went on a Mission, does his Home Teaching and respects his Priesthood Authority.

I love Brian's Dad. What a great Father-in-law! I love that he lives on a tropical island that I have been blessed to visit. I love that he is adventurous, loves all people and is very willing to serve. I love that he teaches and cares about his students. He is a great example to his sons and daughters. I am grateful that he went on a Mission, serves his callings well and respects his Priesthood Authority.

I love my Grandpa Doty. I am grateful that he joined the church and was sealed to my Grandmother. I am grateful that he served his country. I love that he is so passionate about Family History and involves me in the work. I love that he is a frequent Temple worker and that he respects his Priesthood Authority.

I love my Grandpa Rackham. I have always been impressed with his open heart. He really loves everyone. I am grateful that he set a good example for my father. I love his smile. I am grateful the he served his country I really appreciate his respect for the Gospel and his Priesthood Authority.

I love my Husband!!! He is my best friend. I am so lucky to be sealed to him for all time and eternity. I love that he went on a Mission and remains missionary minded. I appreciate his willingness to serve. He has been a great Father and I love seeing his joy in his children. I love that he has traveled and desires to show me the world. I love that he knows how to dance and never said no to a first date. I appreciate the sacrifices he makes to be a part of our family and for the time he puts into furthering his education for the betterment of our family. I love that he loves going to the Temple and that the Gospel is so important to him that it is just a part of who he is. I really appreciate that he brings the Priesthood into our home and that he understands and respects that authority. I really appreciate that he treats me as his equal and his partner in all matters. He is a great example for our children. 

I have been blessed to have great men in my life. I know that this is early, but Brian will not be around for Father's day so we had a mini celebration today. We had steak, brownies and ice cream. We will miss him very much but are grateful that he recognizes answered prayers and the importance of following His will. 

I love you, Brian!!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Battle Creek tornado Mormon Helping Hands cleanup

A tornado tore through part of Battle Creek last night uprooting trees and ripping off roofs. After church we decided to go see what the damage was. While there Leah suggested that we should be helping rather than looking. She was absolutely right so I called Pres. Saye (counselor in the stake presidency), and Bishop Torrance to see what they thought about organizing some of the brethren to help with the clean up this afternoon. They both thought it was a good idea and Pres. Saye authorized us to use the Mormon Helping Hands jerseys for the project.

I called the mission president to enlist the help of the missionaries and he called the zone leaders in Kalamazoo who brought the jerseys with them. We also had the missionaries from Battle Creek and Marshall helping out. Others who helped out included Jake McNees, Torrey Hutchison, Tom Koopman, Eric Petty, Cheryl Anthony and her daughter Courtney and Carrie Quintano with her kids. We had a wonderful time helping our neighbors clean up tree branches and debris. If you watch the news link above you'll see Torrey and Jake on the news video. They went on ahead while I waited for the missionaries (and jerseys) to show up.

Tomorrow we will be meeting at the Chapel Hill United Methodist Church (which lost a large portion of its roof in the storm) to help them continue clearing debris. It was wonderful to be out in the community helping our fellow brothers and sisters. Here is a slide show of some of the damage and some of our service efforts.