Thursday, March 6, 2008

Doctor's Visit

Brian and I went to the Doctor's office today. Everything is good. My uterus measures 27 inches and I am 28 weeks. I have only gained five pounds so far (I am very excited about that. Escpecially since the baby is growing normaly too.). I think she said the baby's heart rate was around 140 beats, which is average and healthy. Our next visit is in a month and then we start going more often until it is time.

We talked to her about pain reflief options, orintation of the baby and various other topics. I feel really comfortable with our doctor. I don't remember to write down my questions so when I am there I don't remember anything. I need to be better about that. Next Tuesday is our last birthing class. So after that I guess Brian and I will practice breathing together. That is hard for me because he always makes me laugh. We are having fun picking out what music will be playing during labor.

The baby is moving like crazy while I am writing this. It is very distracting!


mike and chenoa said...

Congratulations to the three of you on the new addition to your family. Newborn girls are the best! It sounds like you are in the homestretch now. Let us know next time you are out in Eastern Idaho. I love your blog. :)

Fay said...

Hey! It is great to see your blog and what a great picture of the three of you... and of course the picture of baby girl Kinghorn is wonderful, too! We miss you way out there in Michigan. This blog will help us to feel closer.

Chenoa! Are you still in Wyoming? We miss you, too!