Saturday, June 7, 2008

Finally Some Pictures

Ellie's first week with us has been wonderful. She's so tiny, but very strong too. (She's already rolling over by herself.) She's been a very mild mannered baby. Lexi has taken well to her new baby sister, which is wonderful. So far we have a happy family and we're working on happily ever after. 8^) Below this post is a slide show with more pictures of Ellie's first week.


Caleb's Family said...

She is very cute Leah!

Aunt Fay said...

What a cute baby! I swear, she looks like she is smiling even when she is crying. I love your family group shot, too. You have a great family!

Jeane said...

That last picture is so adorable! I have one just like it of Isa napping on Alfonso's tummy when she was very small.