Thursday, July 23, 2009

Family Update

We went to the doctor's on Wednesday and everything looks good. My uterus is all the way up to my ribs so the baby can only grow out. I don't know if my stomach can stretch much further. The baby's heart rate was good and I had gained only a pound. I am excited about that! I have seven pounds left to gain that would be all baby anything over that and I am in trouble. The doctor said I can go on one last trip before I have to be within an hour of the hospital. So we are going to a 1p36 Conference next weekend. Hopefully we can meet new friends and keep in contact with other families that are having to raise a child with this deletion.

Ellie enjoys smacking my belly and when she does the baby kicks back. It is a lot of fun. She has also learned to fold her arms, it is so cute. Alexis seems to be having fun with Nana and Poppy. I know she has been keeping them busy. I know I have been grateful for the quiet time before everything gets really crazy around here. Thank you Nana and Poppy.

Brian has been working on a paper for publication that is due next week. That has been keeping him busy along with his new calling as Elder's Quorum President. Our ward just combined with the other Battle Creek ward. There is a lot of work to be done.

We'll keep you updated on how things are going. We are sorry for not keeping up on our monthly slide shows. We will work on that. In the mean time enjoy a video of Ellie folding her arms. She is a real ham these days. I don't think that is going to change.

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