Thursday, December 9, 2010

Silver Bells

Before Thanksgiving, we went to Lansing for the Capital's Silver Bells celebration. My Uncle is in charge of getting the tree. We got together with him and my Aunt to watch the parade. Because he is in charge of the tree, he puts out chairs for the family that donated it. There were enough chairs for all of us to sit in front of the barriers along the parade route. It was awesome to be right up front and in chairs. We didn't have to worry about where Alexis was or how her legs were doing. It was perfect for Ellie and Mikey to see as well. Thank you so much Uncle Steve!

Mikey didn't like being in the stroller.

He had a better time when he was out.

Brian helped take down the chairs. What a boyscout!
This is Alexis at dinner after wards. She just kept doing this over and over. I guess what ever keeps you entertained and not bugging your siblings is fine with me.

The kids really liked the parade. We were glad and got really excited for Disney World.

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