Saturday, June 4, 2011

Featured on a Craft blog

The Scrabble board gifts we made for our moms for Mother's day were featured on Shannon Makes Stuff ...the craft blog. Pretty cool.

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Brian said...

Some kid left a bit of a snarky comment on here about how we stole his Mom's idea with our Scrabble board gifts. We were a bit surprised that he could think his mom was the only one who could have come up with the idea. We'd never heard of her or her business and we can guarantee him that the ideas were ALL our own. We've also discovered that if he went onto he'd be making snarky comments to people all day because there are A LOT of Scrabblers out there who have come up with cool things to do with Scrabble tiles and boards. While we didn't appreciate the accusation of intellectual theft, so he doesn't feel slighted, we'll give his Mom some free publicity. It looks like she does a nice job with the frames and everything.