Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Drum Role Please....

On Monday, January 7, 2007, we had an ultrasound and found out that we are having a girl. I can see it now...Brian and his little girl.

Bunny was teasing him that she'll be really girly. Who knows. My dad asked Brian if he was still going to take her out camping and hiking. Brian realized how old he'll be when she is able to do so. He also figured out how old he'll be when she is old enough to be baptized. Nothing like having children to help you realize your mortality.

I am excited! I don't have to redecorate. I am also excited because we get to start all over. I gave all of Alexis' things away because I thought she was my last. This little girl is only the beginning. We are so excited to have an eternal family.

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