Friday, January 4, 2008

We Survived!

For Christmas, we found our way to beautiful Hawaii once again. It was by shear guidance from above that we were able to do so.

Brian was disappointed about our business adventure in Dubai not working out and decided to look elsewhere for a place to stay during Christmas. By chance he looked into Hawaii using frequent flier miles and lo and behold we were able to get a flight out of Kalamazoo. So without really being upset we went to Oahu to be with family. For some reason we felt that that was where we needed to be.

We had a great time! We tried to get to the beach every day, see what we missed on our trip before and revisit some of our favorites. Brian was sad however, he only made it up as far as Sunset Beach on the North Shore.

We did have some very sad news while on our trip. Brian's brother's wife lost her father and a few days later on December 18, 2007 Brian's grandmother, Beth Ririe, passed on. We were grateful that we could be there to help Edward and LeeAnne during this difficult time. We were able to change our return flight to stop in Utah for two days to attend the funeral in Idaho.

We got home in time to see the doctor and mommy and the baby are doing great. We spent New Years with the lovely Scovel family and hope to become good friends with them in the future.

Now we must prepare ourselves for a new semester of school, the arrival of our baby, and who knows what else.

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