Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sweet Potato Enchiladas

Last Sunday both Brian and I were prompted to invite a family over for dinner. After the invite, we found that one of the family members is a vegetarian. So I set out to find a recipe for our family to try since almost all of my meals include meat. I found this recipe for Sweet Potato Enchiladas. It sounded a little different but we are always up to try something new. Come to find out these are really good. We made two pans. One pan with red enchilada sauce and one with green enchilada sauce. In the future we will only make them with the green sauce. We served them with Spanish Rice and black beans. It was so good. I forgot to take a picture of them. Oh well. After dinner we played Star Wars Epic Duels (always a hit).

Anyways, good company and good food. A great night had by all.

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FootPrints said...

The Sweet Potato Enchilada recipe sounds soooo good! thanks for posting the link!