Sunday, January 24, 2010

Moments From Our Week

I like to have Mikey in the kitchen with me when I am working in there. I think he likes it too. One morning when I was doing the dishes I heard giggling behind me. When I turned around this is what I saw. Ellie likes to make Mikey laugh and he likes to laugh at her. It is a good thing that they are close to the same size or Mikey would be having a hard time having his sister on his lap. (The little pieces on the floor are pinto beans from Ellie's pouring exercises.) This moment makes me smile and fulfilled as a mom.

I made a bunch of wheat berries to try to use our food storage. I found this recipe and I really liked it!!! Instead of milk I used Vanilla Almond Milk and omitted the almond slivers in the end. I also used golden raisins instead of regular just because I like them better. Like I said I really liked it. It says it serves four but Brian and I almost ate all of it ourselves. It certainly makes for a hearty winter's breakfast.

This is Ellie's new favorite spot in the house. It is under the table in our kitchen. She fits so well and it makes for a great hiding spot. She is coloring a baking sheet I got at a thrift store with chalk. I am going to re purpose it to be a little chalk board. It will work great for Alexis and Ellie. I am excited!

This is Brian grilling Hawaiian Teriyaki chicken for me and our guests on Saturday. It wasn't as cold as it has been in awhile. Sometimes you just need a piece of summer in the grays of winter and BBQ does the trick. It was tasty and our guests (who are Hawaiian) were impressed. They were also excited that we served rice. I was perplexed...why wouldn't we serve rice? It's plate lunch meat.

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