Sunday, February 7, 2010

Burp Rags, Thai Food & The Black Plauge Song

I made these burp rags for a friend. I gave them as a gift at her shower. I am going to try to give only handmade gifts from now on. It makes me feel good and accomplished. Plus I plan on recycling as many materials as possible. My next projects will be to make Brian some slippers and Mikey some bibs and blocks.

In our culinary adventures, I tried to make Pad See Ew. It is a Thai dish that we like to order when we go out to a Thai restaurant. It turned out alright. I would love to go to Thailand and have someone teach me how to cook some of their dishes.

Ellie was playing Ring Around the Rosey with some friends earlier in the week. She loves this dance song. She can get some pretty good air on her falls too. This was this evening while Brian was out and about doing his Priesthood thing. I sang the song over and over and over and over. Brian had a good giggle when he watched this. I hope you do too.

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Erin Sylvester said...

Super Cute!

Leah those burp cloths are adorable!! I only wish I was that creative! You should sell them. How are you and your beautiful family?