Sunday, February 28, 2010

Catching Up

I got Ellie some sun glasses for the summer. She thought she was I mean is pretty hot stuff.

Brian was outside taking pics and Ellie got outside too. Doesn't she understand cold? I guess this is what happens when you are born in Michigan.

As a Hawaiian friend said, "That is how the locals do it." Brian was sweeping the snow off of our walk way in his shorts.

I made these Valentines for our mothers. I intended them to be bookmarks, but Mom in Hawaii said that she was going to make them into magnets for the fridge. Why didn't I think of that? Then everyone can see them. Mom's are clever.
We have had visitors at our bird feeder. Mostly squirrels foraging on the ground but this was a new bird we hadn't seen around our house before. We will definitely be doing this again next year. We like looking out our window and watching our visitors eat our treats except in the summer and it's our garden.

This is Alexis during a Family Home Evening. We were dancing and she didn't want to participate so she went into the kitchen but she couldn't stop the beat. There is more about Alexis at her blog. She got glasses and participated in this year's swimming Special Olympics.

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