Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ellie quotes

Ellie's vocabulary is growing so we are having more opportunities to laugh when she says something new. This morning at Sacrament meeting she ate her piece of Sacrament bread and said a bit loudly "Good bread! Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm!" It was difficult not to laugh out loud.

Lately she's been saying "Wowie Zowie" when she gets excited about something. Yesterday when we brought out the cupcake with the candles on it for the birthday party with friends she exclaimed "Wowie Zowie Birthday!" and then blew the candles out before we were even done with the song. It was so cute.

The other morning she pointed at her spoon and said "it's not working Daddy" because she was having trouble getting her yogurt onto the spoon. I think she just wanted me to put it on the spoon for her. She is so cute it is difficult not to oblige, especially when she is using her words instead of whining or crying to get something.

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