Friday, October 1, 2010

You're What!!!?

Okay world we will let you know about our not so secret...we are having another baby!!!
This is our little baby. When this picture was taken it was a blob with the beginnings of stumps which will turn into appendages eventually and hopefully.

We are due on tax day of 2011. The year Brian will graduate with his PhD. We are very excited! We were not planning for this one but we were not not planning either.

We love the adventures that we have been having with Alexis, Ellie and Michael. How could we not be excited to bring in another Brian-Leah combo?


Mrs. Bushey said...

Congrats!! We are only a week or so apart!

Blastkka said...

Congratulations! You do have adorable kids! I can see why you'd be excited. :) - Kim Simpson

Caleb's Life said...

Congrats Leah....I am so so happy for you guys. I hope and pray that you will have patience for the little boogers!

kt said...

Congratulations! That is so exciting. What a great due date. That is one of our "gotcha" days. Can't do any better than that. :)