Friday, March 19, 2010

Handmade Home

I made this purse over the last few days. I am pretty proud of myself. I made the rose out of trim. I just kept rolling it and sewing it in the back. Then I hand sewed it onto the purse when I was done.
I used canvas on the bottom from a drop cloth I got for painting. The other fabric is the same fabric I used for the Boppy cover and the nursing cover. I got the directions from the blog Made by Rae. My next sewing adventure is to make some clothes for me. I picked out some very exciting fabric. I hope it turns out okay.

On a side note. I am not happy with my hair. Brian doesn't see that I need a haircut because I am growing it out again. I disagree. I just want to fix it up a bit. So I am excited because in April I am going to my Sister-in-law's place to get my hair done!


Scooter & Emi said...

Brian! Let Leah get her hair cut! *laughing* My husband thinks I cut my hair too often, too. :) :)

Darci said...

gotta trim it to grow it! i think it's cute short though i'm growing mine out again too...